Monday, 17 January 2011

More of the same!

dfgfdgfgdfg WHAT. Two posts in one night? Yeah boi, I'm on fire.

An attempt at a Leyendecker style self-portrait I did tonight. :I

I'm teeeerrible at self-portraits at the best of times, so posting this is slaying me, but awkward fail at likeness aside, it was super fun to do! I just need to practice with digital more, I guess? If I have time, I want to work on the hair to try to imitate that awesome shiny look he pulls off and try to push the painterly strokes, etc. more, because it's not quite... idk Leyendecker-ish enough? But I'm pretty pleased with the colour! He often does those rosy cheeked guys and cutesy gals and I don't think I'd normally push the saturation so far, so... :D

Aaaaand here's another Aztec dude because it's what cool kids draw.

Peace out! x

Leyendecker is a boss~~~

Okay, so because I'm still sat finishing my foundation drawing and KPA stuff for deadlines, I've been hidden away more than usual, which, I think you'll find, means this is the perfect time for an update!

I know, I know, I can hardly process it myself, but I promised one eventually!

So yeah, two digital painting studies of a couple of Leyendecker pieces. No, they're not perfect or polished to a finish, but I might just leave them that way. 

See? I can post! :D

Anyway, hopefully I can give another update pronto, and hopefully it'll be more interesting to look at too?

Cheers dudes!


Sod it! Have an Aztec dude too!