Saturday, 5 March 2011

Mini sketchdump

Just a quick post before a bigger update I'm intending to make within the next week!

A few rough doodles, mostly from cafe/lecture drawing:

Cheers, people!


  1. Man, you're a 1st year(!)
    Lovely designs - I want to point out the top left, and the two bottom right as favourites..... though all side profiles, they have such varied silhouettes - convex/concave curves, points/rounded edges - all the while maintaining the skull volume.... really appealing.
    And Pikachu is badass - he looks ready to go a few rounds!

  2. Ahhh jut looking at your work makes me wanna draw...
    Sweeeeet! Really like the top and bottom middle (hope that makes sense) girls and the way their features are close and wide (again hope that makes sense) lol

  3. Agh! Thank you both so much! I really appreciate you guys dropping by, it means a lot to me. x

  4. Wow I love all the different characters. They're very fun and quirky. Beautiful work.