Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Brush pen lovin'

I'm going crazy trying to force myself to write an essay for my course, which seems to have lead to intense brush pen abuse in my downtime. So why not post a few up, right?

The majority are speedies from the last couple of days, with one or two old ones. There's a Hiccup, a Seth Bullock and an attempt of the man from Cormac Mccarthy's "The Road" hidden about too!

Thank youuuu!


  1. Woah... Amy... These are amazing! I can't pick a favourite. Is the top nudey from life too? Mad jel of your brush pen skills! Your work's always sick but these are on another level! Loving the regular updates too!
    Catch ya soon X

  2. Ffffff, why you gotta make me feel bad? These are badass. I wish my essay procrastination looked like this.

  3. Christopher Columbus! Amy, you are such a wonderful being. Don't even get me started on the top left nude dude. The fluid brush strokes, the detail with his hair, al dente all the way!

  4. wow your works wicked! love the painting of the hand!

  5. It was great meeting you this week, and man; your drawings are beautiful! Love your line work too...keep up the amazing work! :D

  6. Hey amy! Sick drawings, the disney guys must have loved this ;) he he look forward to seeing more. Hope the deadlines are getting a bit easier to cope with now!
    All the best

  7. Thanks, guys! Again, your comments really mean a lot to me. I'll be sure to try and update fairly soon!

    Jamie - Awesome meeting you too! I'll drop a proper comment on your blog when I have some extra time to have a really good luck through it, but I loved your porfolio. Can't wait to see more!


  8. Hi Amy!!!
    Just wanted to say thanks so much for taking time out to come and introduce yourself along with every one else in London this week. It was great to meet you all and see what you have been up to.
    I hope you had a good time and the Disney folks left you full of inspiration and confidence!!
    YOu are a incredibly talented artist and i can see you going really far!! just keep doing what your doing!!
    If you ever want any advice or some constructive feed back over your work, please feel free to get in touch. I am happy to help you.... like i said before, we are all one big little family and all need to look out for each other.
    I hope you have an AMAZING time in Annecy... Im sure you will!! Its magic there!!
    Please keep in touch and thanks again for all your support and following my ol bloggie wog!! :P
    All the best and speak to you soon,
    Best wishes,
    Tori Cat.x

  9. Wow! These are really cool! I find the brush pen to be really hard. You first (now second) years have some really nice stuff. It's almost kind of scary, that you will be helping us out :P Hehe... Awesome work, keep on posting :)

  10. Very good work! We need an update :)

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