Friday, 12 October 2012

Guards, Gangsters and Gunslingers

…So this place has been MAJOR neglected for the past, what, year or so? Yeah... sorry about that. :C

So, here's me ripping off the band-aid and popping up a snippet of the painting I've been doing whenever opportunity raised it's ugly head. A Slig, a gangster (Paulie from the fabulous series 'The Sopranos') and some old character designs from a hardcore western faze I went through end of last year:

Belated love, peeps, and deep head bowing to the late commenters/followers I never thanked!


  1. well, you know what I think..... When I die, I want to be reincarnated as you for your mad skills! ;D AWESOME paintings! now keep up the blogging!!

  2. WHO THE HELL IS THI- oh it's Amy! Yaaay!

    Nice stuff as always mi amigo! Hoping this becomes a regular thing ;)

  3. Oh, I'm looking forward to this.

    Just took a look at your portfolio too... oooh yeah, that's the stuff! The line weight and the shapes, totally awesome.

    So yeah, don't make us !

  4. Eeuu I thought I left I comment on this :(
    Love the Soprano painting *o*
    P.S You need to email me your address so I can send you a drawing!!

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